Vision & Mission

Our vision 

  • To strengthen our position as one of the leading shipping companies in the gas tanker and dry cargo segment 

  • to manage the most advanced and efficient fleet in the shipping industry

Our mission 

  • To provide first-class service to our customers, thus building a trustworthy and long-lasting business relationship 

  • The company aims to achieve 100% client’s satisfaction with zero cargo claims. 

  • Complying with all rule requirements that are applicable to its managed ships. 

  • Reduce the number of accidents and incidents to zero! 

  • In terms of environmental protection, our declared goal is to reduce any oil spill to zero! 

  • Constant improvement and management of change. 

  • Promulgate energy efficient and environment friendly technologies by participating in pilot programs with leading equipment manufacturers. 

  • Maintaining the highest level of protection on board our vessels for 

  • the life 

  • the environment 

  • the property