Safety, Health, Environmental Protection and Quality Policies

The Hartmann Reederei places the highest emphasis on a safe ship operation and in particular, the safety and health of personnel and the protection of the environment. The company undertakes the responsibilities to achieve such safe and environmentally sound ship operation in accordance with the requirements of the SOLAS and MARPOL Conventions, the ISM Code, STCW-Convention 1995, National, International Requirements, Classification Rules, as well as the requirements of ISO 14001:2015.

To fulfill these responsibilities, procedures have been put in place for both the office and the vessels, and a designated person ashore has been nominated to control and secure the implementation of the Safety, Health and Environmental Protection Policies.

The protection of the Safety and Health of the company’s and third-party employees is of utmost importance. To achieve this, the company’s objective is to assess all identified risks to its ships, personnel and the environment and to implement appropriate safeguards and preventive actions to minimize accidents, hazardous occurrences and occupational diseases. Special procedures have been implemented to minimize the inability/unfitness to work due to sickness or accidents, as far as possible.

Declared goal of the Hartmann Reederei is to reduce the number of accidents and incidents to zero!

The company also requires the Masters to appoint a Shipboard Safety and Health Officer to monitor the Safety and Health Precautions. However, the Master of a vessel is responsible for reviewing and implementing the onboard Safety, Health and Environmental Procedures, adjusting to the existing circumstances and conditions, in order to avoid loss of life and to preserve the vessel and the environment. Furthermore, the company places its highest emphasis on the management of cyber risks evolving from the daily shipboard operation. Clear guidance and measures are in place to ensure safe and secure use of IT and OT systems. The Master may exercise his overriding authority regarding all safety aspects.

The Hartmann Reederei further emphasizes that any findings or incidents in regard of Safety, Health and Environmental Protection, such as observations, non-conformities, near-misses, accidents as well as any case of environmental pollution, will be thoroughly investigated. All knowledge gained during the investigations shall be taken into account during future reviews, in order to further improve the effectiveness of the Integrated Management System.

Declared goal the Hartmann Reederei is to reduce any risk for the safety of the crew and of the environment to an absolute minimum.

Especially in regard of environmental protection, the declared goal of the Hartmann Reederei is to reduce any oil spill and uncontrolled vapor release to zero.

Furthermore, it is the company’s clear goal to achieve a continual reduction of permitted emissions to further reduce our environmental impact. In order to highlight and achieve these goals, the Hartmann Reederei has implemented an “Environmental Management System “ in accordance with ISO 14001:2015.

The company has determined their context of the organization regarding the HSQE management systems and has identified the interested parties and the resulting compliance obligations, ensuring that all operations are carried out in accordance with these compliance obligations and their fulfilment will be thoroughly evaluated by the top management and new targets will be set to ensure continual improvement. Any non-conformances will be addressed and corrected accordingly.

The Hartmann Reederei pays the highest attention to the satisfaction of the customers and to the differentiation of its services in a positive way from those of its competitors.

Shore and ship’s staff play the most important role to ensure that the customers will be satisfied.