The Hartmann Reederei - comprising the companies Hartmann Shipping Services Germany GmbH & Co. KG, Hartmann Gas Carriers Germany GmbH & Co. KG and Hartmann Dry Cargo Germany GmbH & Co. KG – has its headquarter in Leer in the "Haus der Schiffahrt", which was co-founded by the company. As part of the Hartmann Group, the company covers the entire value-added chain of shipping, working closely with national and international partners.

Extensive contacts and a solid reputation with business partners and banks distinguish the high standards of quality of HARTMANN REEDEREI. The company's name is renowned for its worldwide network, its competence and reliability and its safety and environmental standards, all of which are far above average for the industry.

On founding the company in 1981, Captain Alfred Hartmann set the first milestone on the route to today's Group of Companies ― and many more milestones were to follow. Uninterrupted growth, the continuous innovation of the company and its outstanding international reputation are the hallmarks of personal and corporate success, "Made in Germany".

The Hartmann Group is extremely diversified, covering all activities in the maritime transport and logistics sector, as well as those in the shipping market. The various segments are continuously expanded and developed, in line with the Group's diversification strategy. This has resulted in a fleet of high-class ships in a broad spectrum of various types, all with ultra-modern technology and equipment. The ships are also operated in accordance with the latest directives for safety and environmental protection and are superbly competitive thanks to forward-thinking management.



  • Founding of the company by Captain Alfred Hartmann. The first ship is a multipurpose vessel.
  • the first guest anchors course in the direction of success. Today, HARTMANN REEDEREI is one of the world's leading companies in this segment
  • The company moves to „Haus der Schiffahrt“ in Leer - still the headquarters of Hartmann Reederei.
  • Establishment of Intership Navigation in Limassol, Cyprus
    Entering a new market segment: bulk carriers
  • Establishing of GasChem Services in Hamburg, Germany
    Implementing the principle of „direct access to cargo“ for the first time
  • Opening of ISNTC, an in-house training centre for Filipino seafarers
  • Founding of a holding company for the group of companies: Hartmann AG
  • Delivery of the first container ship to Hartmann Reederei in Leer
  • Opening of Hartmann Shipping Asia in Singapore and hence expansion into the Asian market
  • Opening of „Hartmann House“ in Limassol on the occasion of the 25th anniversary of Intership Navigation
  • Alfred Hartmann elected President of the German Shipowners‘ Association (VDR)
  • Delivery of the first ethane carrier to Hartmann Reederei in Leer